Yahoo's former CEO Scott Thompson caused a stir in the headlines when it was revealed that he lied on his resume, but he isn't the only one fibbing to get a job.

You should never really lie to your hiring manager because if they found out, it would show bad character. But there are some things about your previous job that you probably shouldn't tell a recruiter:

1.That you had the worst boss in the world that created such a toxic environment that you were sick in your stomach every morning going into work.

2.That a spiteful co-worker sabotaged you.

3.That you did your job right, but due to an idiot co-worker’s incompetence, they bungled a major project that had you as the project manager.

4.That you were misled about what the job involved and didn’t know it wasn’t a fit until you got in there, and hated it so much that you had to leave.

5.That the company wasn’t exactly forthright about the state of their finances and went belly up.