Have a clothing crisis? Are you style-impaired? Fashionably challenged? Unsure what trend to wear? Have no fear. TODAY I'll tackle two of your burning fashion dilemmas.


I need help figuring out what to wear to a Christmas party.  I always wear black... I want to look hot and not feel cold!


A great way to break up the classic black party dress is to add shine. Top to bottom sequined and metallic dresses are a big trend this season but you can end up looking like a Christmas tree!


Look for dresses that incorporate more than one fabric like a matte black with a metallic brocade for an updated cocktail look. Menswear blazers as evening wear are all the rage this season and a great way to stay chic and warm in the cold! While black opaque tights are always an option, nude hose can keep you warm without creating such a heavy look on the leg. Add a metallic scarf to complete the look and for something to wear as an extra layer, even if you take the jacket off!


I love boots but feel like I'll never be able to wear them.  I am really, REALLY petite, so whenever I see them I feel like I'll look even smaller!  Any suggestions?


If you're petite, many boots can overwhelm your whole leg and make you appear as if you're standing in a bucket. Just stay away from the over-the-knee boot trend this season altogether! It is essential when you are short to keep the visual line of your leg as long as possible which will make you look taller, longer and even leaner!


A perfect way to still wear boots is to find a great ankle boot or "shoe bootie" which are also a big trend this season and pair it with a straight leg or skinny jean. Add a flirty blouse and cardigan for a super chic weekend look. Make sure both the top and sweater hit above the crotch, around the top of the hip, to get as much surface area on the leg as possible to keep you looking long. You'll also be able to pair a shoe like this with a trouser for a suitable work look as well.