1. call at a place (1) (车船等)停靠。如:The train calls at every station. 这火车每个站都停。(2) 到某地拜访。如:She called at his office yesterday. 她昨天去了他办公室拜访。
2. call away (1) 叫走,叫开。如:He was called away by a friend. 他被朋友叫走了。(2) 转移(注意力等)。如:He is studying an important problem, and nothing can callaway his attention. 他正在研究一个重要问题,什么也不能使他分心。
3. call back(1) 唤回,叫回。如:>(1) He was about to leave when his wife called him back. 他正要离去,他妻子把他叫了回来。(2) 回电话,再打电话。如:I’ll call (you) back. 我将给你回电话。He’s not in. Please call back later. 他不在家,请过一会儿再打来。)
4. call for sth (sb)(1) 喊着叫某人来,喊着叫人取来某物。如:He called for the waiter. 他叫服务员。The boy called for his clothes. 小男孩喊着给他拿衣服来。He called for a glass of beer. 他叫了一杯啤酒。(2) 来或去取某物,来或去接某人。如:We called for the packages at the post office. 我们到邮局领取包裹。I’ll call for you (at your house) at nine. 我九点(到你家)来接你。(3) 需要,要求。如:This problem calls for careful thought. 这问题需要好好想一想。The work calls for time and patience. 这工作需要时间和耐心。

5. call in (1) 叫进,请进。如:He only waited two minutes before he was called in. 他只等了两分钟就被叫了进去。(2) 找来,请来。如:Call in the doctor at once. 马上去请医生来。(3) 来访。如:Please call in at five. 请在五点来访。He called in the office this afternoon. 他今天下午来办公室坐了一会儿。(4) 收回。如:The librarian called in all the books. 图书管理员把书全部收了回去。

6. call off (1) 叫走,转移开。如:Call your dog off. 把你的狗叫走。(2) 取消,不举行。如:The match was called off because of bad weather. 由于天气不好,比赛取消了。He phoned me and called the appointment off. 他给我打电话取消了这次约会。
7. call (up)on sb 拜访或看望某人。如:He called on them that evening. 他那天晚上去拜访了他们。I called upon Mrs Foster this evening. 我今晚去看望了福斯特太太。
8. call sb sth 为某人叫某物。如:Please call me a taxi. 请帮我叫一辆出租车。请帮我叫一辆出租车。注:该句型也可用介词 for 改写。如:Please call a taxi for me.
9. call (up)on sb to do sth
叫(请)某人做某事。如:Then the teacher called on me to answer the question. 这里老师叫我回答问题。We are calling on you to help us. 我们恳请你帮助我们。(2) 号召某人做某事。如:The Party called on us to study hard for the people. 党号召我们要为人民努力学习。
10. call out(1) 大声叫(喊)。如:He called out with pain. 他痛得大叫。The drowning boy called out for help. 溺水的男孩大声呼救。(2) 叫出去。如:The teacher called me out. 老师把我叫了出去。(3) 召唤,请来,调去。如:He decided to call out the army. 他决定动用军队。The fire brigade was called out twice last night. 昨晚消防队出动了两次。注:有时可接不定式的复合结构。如:A number of police were called out to keep order. 不少警察被调去维持秩序。
11. call up (1) (给……)打电话。如:Please call me up this evening. 请今晚给我打电话。请今晚给我打电话。All right, I’ll ring up again. 好吧,我回头再打电话。(2) 想起,回忆起。如:Your letter calls up the days when we worked together. 你的来信使我想起了我们在一起工作的情景。(3) 召集,应召入伍。如:He was called up right at the beginning of the war. 他在战争一开始就被应征入伍。