1. be faced with 面临。如: They are all faced with the same problem. 他们都面临同样的问题。
2. face the music 承当后果normal">face You’ve been caught cheating ---- now you must face the music. 你的骗局被戳穿了,现在你得自食其果了。
3. face to face (with) 面对面,面临,当面。如:He stood face to face with her. 他与她面对面站着。He came face to face with death. 他面临死亡。
4. in (the) face of (1) 面对。如:He showed great bravery in face of danger. 在危险面前他表现出非常勇敢。(2) 尽管,不顾。如:He succeeded in the face of great difficulties. 尽管有巨大困难,但他还是成功了。
5. lose face 丢面了。如:He lost face with his friends. 他在朋友面前丢了面子。
6. make a face (at) 皱眉头, 做苦相, 做鬼脸。如:He made a face when he saw the pile of work. 看到一大堆活,他皱起了眉头。注:有时 face 可用复数。如:The children made faces at one another. 孩子们相互做鬼脸。
7. pull [wear] a long face愁眉苦脸的样子, 板着面孔。如:She pulled a long face when she heard that. 他听到这话之后, 显示出一副不高兴的样子。
8. save face 保全面子。如:She kept silent about that in order to save face. 为了保全面子,她对那事只字未提。