1. go back (1) 回去。如:When will he go back? 他什么时候回去? Let’s go back to what the chairman said earlier. 咱们回到主席早些时候所说到的话题上吧。(2) 回顾,回溯。如:My family goes back to the 18th century. 我的家族可追溯到18世纪。
2. go by (1) 从(……)旁边经过。如:A police car went by (us) at full speed. 一辆警车全速从我们身旁驶过。A police car went by (2) (时间、机会等)过去。如 :Two years went by. 两年过去了。He 他错过了机会。
(3) 遵循,按照,以……为依据。如:That’s a good rule to go by. 那是要遵守的好规则。We can’t go by looks alone. 我们不能只看外表。
3. go down (1) 下落,下沉。如:The sun is going down. 太阳西下。Three ships went down in the storm. 风暴中有三艘船沉没。(2) 下降,降低,减低,减弱。如:The standard of work has gone down. 工作标准降低了。We waited for the wind to go down. 我们等待风势减弱。Eggs are going down in price. / The price of eggs is going down. 鸡蛋价格下跌了。
4. go in for (1) 参加(考试、比赛等)。如:I’d like to go in for a more advanced examination if I can. 如果可能的话,我想参加更高级的考试。Which events is he going in for at the Olympics? 他参加奥运会的什么项目? (2) 从事(某一职业等)。如:Have you ever thought of going in for teaching? 你考虑过从事教书这一职业吗? (3) 爱好,喜欢。如:I don’t go in for sports. 我不爱好体育活动。
5. go into (1) 到达,进入,从事,参加。如:I’m going into town tod-TOP: 0cm; MARGIN-BOTTOM: 0ptay. 我今天要进城。He decided to go into politics. 他决定从政。Two days later they went into battle again. 两天后他们又投入了战斗。He went into the army at the age of 18. 他18岁参军。(2) 调查,研究,弄清楚。如:The police are going into the murder case. 警察在调查这想谋杀案。We need to go into the question of costs. 我们有必要研究一下费用问题。
6. go out (1) 出去。如:Let’s go out for a walk. 我们出去走一走吧。(2) 出国,远行。如:He’s gone out to Japan. 他去日本了。(3) 熄灭。如:The fire has gone out. 火熄了。
7. go over (1) 复习、温习、演习。如:Let’s go over the new word again. 我们把生词再复习一遍。She went over her lines before the first night of the play. 她在该剧首演前又演习了一次台词。(2) 检查、查看、核对。如:Go over your work carefully before you hand it in. 交作业前要仔细检查一下。Let’s go over everything and find out where the trouble is. 咱们把一切检查一遍,看问题出在哪里。
8. go through . (1) 通过。如:Can the table go through the door? 那桌子能过得了那门吗? The new has gone through. 新的法律已经通过。(2) 检查,审查,查找。如:We’d like to have you go through the book. 我们想请你审阅这本书。I’ve gone through all my pockets but can’t find my keys. 我把所有的口袋都找遍了,但就是找不到我的钥匙。(3) 经历,经过。eight: normal">The country has gone through too many wars. 这个国家经过了太多的战争。(4) 做完,用完。如:Let’s go through the exercises. 咱们把这些练习做完。He went through all the money his father gave him. 他花完了他父亲给他的所有钱。
9. go up (1) 上升,上涨。如:Prices have gone up again. 物价又上涨了。World population is going up. 世界人口在上涨。(2) 兴建,建立。如:New houses are going up all over the countryside. 乡下到处在建房子。乡下到处;
10. have gone to 到……去了。如:He has gone to Beijing. 他去北京了。The children have gone home. 孩子们回家去了。比较 have been to 与 have gone to:前者表示“去过某地”,后者表示“到某地去了”。如:I have been to Japan three times. 我去过日本三次。A:Where is John? 约翰在哪? B:Oh, he has gone home. 哦,他回家去了。
11. be going to do sth (1) 打算或准备做某事。如:He is going to sell his house. 他打算把房子卖掉。We are going to leave for Shanghai. 我们打算离开去上海。(2) 即将发生某weight: normal">It’s going to rain. 要下雨了。I’m going to be twenty next month. 下个月我就20岁了。There’s going to be a storm soon. 很快要来暴雨了。(3) 按计划或安排要发生的事。如:What is he going to play next? 他下面演奏什么? The wall is going to be painted green. 墙壁要被漆成绿色。
12. go+doing去做某事。如:We often go swimming together. 我们经常一起去游泳。Let’s go boating this afternoon. 我们今天下午去划船吧。类例:go skating 去滑冰go skiing 去滑雪go dancing 去跳舞go climbing 去爬山 ew Roman'"> go fishing 去钓鱼go hunting 去打猎 go shopping 去买东西go sight-seeing 去观光go walking去散步go camping 去散步去野营
13. go on doing sth 不停地做某事,继续做某事。如:You can’t go on working all night without a rest. 你不能通宵工作而不休息。She nodded, sle="MARGIN-TOP: 0cm; MARGIN-BOTTOM:miled, and went on stitching. 她点了点头,笑了笑,又继续缝衣服。
14. go on to do sth (做完某事后)接着或继续做某事。如:He went on to show us how to do it. 他接着又教我们如何做。Go on to do the other exercises after you have finished this one. 做完这个练习后, 请接着做其它的练习。15. go on with sth 继续做某事。如:He took a cup of tea, and went on with the story. 他喝了一口茶,又接着讲故事。Mother went on cooking; I went on with my homework. 妈妈继续做饭,我继续做功课。