1. after all (尽管……)到底,毕竟,究竟。如:I was right after all. 毕竟是我对。I’m so sorry. I can’t come after all. 对不起,我还是不能来。2. be after sth (sb) 追求,寻求,想得到。如:What are you after? 你追求什么? The police were after him. 警察在找她。This is the very book I’m after. 这正是我要找的书。3. sth after sth (前后接同一名词,表示多次重复)。如:He fired shot after shot. 他打了一枪又一枪。Day after day the rain continued. 雨一天一天地下着。They worked there year after year. 年复一年他们就工作在那儿。