1. allow (doing) sth 允许(做)某事。如:The facts allow no other explanation. 事实不允许有其他的解释。We don’t allow eating in the classrooms. (我们)We don’t allow eating in the class不允许在教室吃饭。注:有时用于被动语态。如:Dogs are not allowed. 狗不得入内。Smoking is not allowed here. 此处不准吸烟。
2. allow sb to do sth 允许某人做某事。如:My parents don’t allow me to go out at night. 我父母不允许我晚上出去。Her boss doesn’t allow her to use the telephone. 她的老板不允许她使用电话。
注:有时用于被动语态。如:Passengers are not allowed to smoke. 乘客不准吸烟。
3. allow sb sth 给予某人某物(尤指钱或时间);让某人有(拥用或带有)某物。如:某物。如:He allows his son too much money. 他给他儿子的钱太多。We’ll allow you time to answer. 我们将给回答的时间。I will allow you 10% off the price if you pay now. 如果你现在付款,我可以给你打九折。We allow passengers one item of hand luggage each. 我们允许每个乘客带一件手提行李。注:有时用于被动语态。如:I’m not allowed visitors. 我不准有访客。
4. allow for 考虑到,把……考虑进来,体谅。如:……We should allow for every possible delay. 我们考虑到任何可能的延误。
We must allow for his youth. 我们必须体谅他的年轻。