1. attempt to do sth 试图做某事。如:The prisoner attemted to escape. 囚犯企图逃跑。Shelley attempted to get in touch with them. 雪莱企图和他们取得联系。She attempted to get up, but she couldn’t. 她试图爬起来,却没能成功。He attempted to speak but was told to be quiet. 他试图想发言,但却没让他讲话。
2. attempt doing sth 试图要做某事。如:He attempted swimming across the river. 他试图游过河去。He attempted swimming I attempted walking until I collapsed and fell down. 我想尽力走下去,后来支持不住而摔倒了。注:以上两类句型有时可互换。如:Don’t attempt to do it by yourself.=Don’t attempt doing it by yourself. 不要企图一个人去做这件事。