Passage 4  (江苏省苏州市2007届高三第四次模拟考试C篇)  阅读理解

The Bedouin people think most highly of people who show loyalty. To them loyalty does not mean that one is devoted to a country, a place, or a leader. Loyalty means being faithful to one’s family and tribe(部落).

The Bedouin people take pride in their ancestors(祖先). They do not admire a hero from an ordinary or poor family as much as one who comes from an honored family. They particularly respect those who have received a good name from their ancestors and then have passed it on to their children.

A man’s position among the black-tent people depends upon his ancestors, relatives, and fellow tribesmen. If they are honored, he is also honored. If they are disgraced, he too is disgraced. Therefore one carefully guards the honor of his family, his lineage(血统),and his tribe. 

A man can protect his family’s honor by being brave and generous and by giving protection to those who ask for it. He also guards it by carefully watching the women of his family.

A Bedouin woman cannot bring honor to her family, but she can bring disgrace. Even if a woman only looks as if she has done wrong, she may be killed. The honor of her family depends upon her virtue(美德).

64.It can be inferred from the passage that a Bedouin man will feel disgraced if he____.

A. does not succeed in business

B. needs to ask for help from his brothers

C. does nothing when a member of his family is badly treated

D. does not help a stranger who asks for assistance

65.The Bedouin people respect those who____.

A. leave their families to seek success on their own

B. value their families more than anything else

C. become heroes with an ordinary family background

D. are devoted to their country

66.We can learn from this passage that Bedouin women are____.

A. treated as the equals of men

B. listened carefully when they tell their side of a story

C. respected for the many things they do 

D. not respected as much as men

67.The word“disgrace”means“____”in this text.

A. honor 

B. danger 

C. pride 

D. shame

答案  64.C  65.B  66.D  67.D