Passage 2  (吉林省实验中学2007届高三第四次模拟考试E篇)  阅读理解

The interview had been going on for about 20 minutes and everything seems to be going well. Then, suddenly, the interviewer asks an unexpected question, “Which is more important, law or love?”

Job applicants in the west increasingly find themselves asked strange questions like this. And the signs are that this is beginning to happen in China.

Employers want people skilled, enthusiastic and devoted. So these are the qualities that any reasonably intelligent job applicants will try to show no matter what his or her actual feelings are. In response, employers are increasingly using questions which try and show the applicant’s true personality.

The question in the first paragraph comes from a test called Kiersey Personality Sorter. It is an attempt to discover how people solve problems, rather than what they know. This is often called aptitude(能力)testing.

According to Mark Baldwin of Alliance many job applicants in China are finding this type of questions difficult. When a Chinese person fills out an aptitude test he or she will think there is a right answer and they may fail because they try to guess what the examiner wants to see.

This is sometimes called the prisoner’s dilemma(窘境). Applicants are trying to act cleverly in their own interest. But they fail because they don’t understand what the interviewer is looking for. Remember that in an aptitude test, the correct answer is always the honest answer.

58.The writer wrote the passage to  _______.

A.give you a piece of advice on a job interview.

B.tell you how to meet a job interviewer

C.describe the aptitude test.

D.advice you how to find a job

59.According to the writer, in an aptitude testing, Chinese job applicants should  ________.

A.not tell the truth

B.learn to tell what they really think more enthusiastic

D.try to find out what the examiner really want to know

60.From the passage we know that  ________.

A.job applicants are always asked such questions

B.more Chinese applicants fail to find a job

C.applicants should not act as reasonably as a prisoner

D.aptitude testing is becoming popular in the worldwide

答案  58.A  59.B  60.D