Passage 5  (福建省厦门外国语学校2009届高三最后一次模拟C篇)  阅读理解

In a recent class I was asked “What is a short story?” My first answer was that it was something that could be read in one sitting and brought an illumination(启示)to the reader, sudden and golden like sunlight cracking through heavy cloud. I went on to say that in my opinion a “real” short story was closer to poetry than to the novel.

Here are some definitions of the short story. My favorite is Benet's: “something that can be read in an hour and remembered for a lifetime”. One writer said: “the theme of a novel won't fit into the framework of a short story; it's like trying to squeeze a large painting done on a wall into the frame of a miniature (微型画). And as in a miniature painting, the details need to be sharp. ”

The short story is an example of one aspect of human nature. Often a character undergoes some event, something that offers him or her change. This is why it’s said that short stories usually “say something ”, often a small something, but sometimes delivered with such accuracy that the effect is strongly felt, even a life-moment for some readers, something similar to a religious experience or to witnessing a never-to-be-repeated scene in nature.

Ok, let’s form a definition here: A short story is an account, rarely over 10, 000 words or below 500 words—more commonly 1, 500 to 5, 000 words—a single-sitting read, but with enough time and weight to move the reader. It is narrow and focused to produce an effect through the story, most commonly through events affecting some change in an individual.

Writer Isabelle Allende once wrote: “Novels are, for me, adding up details, just work, work, work, then you're done. Short stories are more difficult—they have to be perfect, complete in themselves. ”

64.The writer of the passage is probably a ______.

A. poet       B. painter       C. teacher       D. student

65.What should the ideal short story be in length?

A. at most 10, 000 words                B. below 500 words       

C. over 5, 000words                    D. around 2, 000 words

66.The underlined word “undergoes ” in the third paragraph probably means “________ ”.

A. experiences B. discovers     C. discusses     D. appreciates

67.What would be the best title for the passage?

A. How Do You Write a Short Story?   B. What Exactly Is a Short Story?

C. Is a Short Story Similar to Poetry?   D. Are Short Stories Perfect and Complete?

答案  64.C  65.D  66.A  67.B