Passage 4  (湖北省钟祥六中2009年高三高考冲刺最后一卷C篇)  阅读理解

For the most part, schools are designed to produce people who fit into society, not people who set out to change it. However, schools, particularly universities, may not only spread culture; they may add to the cultural heritage (遗产). Today American society places a good deal of emphasis on the development of new knowledge, especially in the physical and biological sciences, medicine, and engineering. In recent years, the nation’s leading universities have increasingly become research centres.

An emphasis on research has led universities to judge professors not by abilities as teachers, but as researchers. Promotions, salary increases, and other benefits have long been dependent on research and publication (出版物). However, the most important is no longer publishing. To be successful these days, professors have to bring in money provided by government and private industry. Critics claim that academic success is most likely to come to those who have learned to “ignore” their teaching duties to pursue research activities. Defenders say that even when students themselves are not involved in research projects they benefit from such an emphasis on research. 

Major research universities like the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have also cooperated with industrial companies to develop technology and products with commercial potential. With university-industry ties continuing to grow, debate has increased about the consequences for basic science, academic openness, the control of information, the direction of research, and the influence on students.

59. According to the passage, which of the following is NOT emphasized by today’s American society?

A. Physical science.                    B. Biological sciences.   

C. Engineering.                        D. Computer science. 

60. In the present standard, a successful professor is one who can ______.

A. teach well            B. get financial support for research

C. get the highest salary    D. have many publications

61. Supporters of the present emphasis on research argue that ______.

A. it involves more students in it

B. it does good to students anyway

C. it has a direct good effect on teaching

D. it earns a lot of money for a university

62. The author seems to be _______ the move of emphasis to research.

A. totally against   B. sorry to see      C. in favor of       D. neutral (中立) about

答案  59.D  60.B  61.B  62.D