Passage 3  (湖北省钟祥六中2009年高三高考冲刺最后一卷B篇)  阅读理解

If you have a chance to go to Finland, you will probably be surprised to find how “foolish” the Finnish people are.

Take the taxi drivers for example. Taxis in Finland are mostly high-class Benz with a fare of two US dollars a kilometer. You can go anywhere in one, tell the driver to drop you at any place, say that you have some business to attend to, and then walk off without paying your fare. The driver would not show the least sign of anxiety.

The dining rooms in all big hotels not only serve their guests, but also serve outside diners. Hotel guests have their meals free, so they naturally go to the free dining rooms to have their meals. The most they would do to show their good faith is to wave their registration card to the waiter. With such a loose check, you can easily use any old registration (登记) card to take a couple of friends to dine free of charge.

The Finnish workers are paid by the hour. They are very much on their own as soon as they have agreed with the boss on the rate. From then on they just say how many hours they have worked and they will be paid accordingly.

With so many loopholes (漏洞) in everyday life, surely Finland must be a heaven to those who love to take “petty advantages”. But the strange thing is, all the taxi passengers would always come back to pay their fare after they have attended to their business; not a single outsider has ever been found in the free hotel dining rooms. And workers always give an honest account of the exact hours they put in. As the Finns always act on good faith in everything they do, living in such a society has turned everyone into a real “gentleman”.

55. The underlined words in this passage means to “______”.

A. be ready to help others     B. make good use of one’s friends

C. be a little ahead of others         D. gain something at other’s expense

56. Which of the following is NOT true according to the passage? 

A. While taking a taxi in Finland, you can get off without first paying your fare.

B. In a big hotel in Finland, you can enjoy free meals if you’re living in the hotel.

C. The bosses in Finland pay the employees according to registration of their working hours.

D. The workers are always honest with their working hours.

57. We can learn from the passage that ______.

A. the Finnish society is of very high moral (道德) level

B. there are many loopholes in everyday life in Finland

C. in Finland, most taxi drivers will not charge you anything

D. everyone in Finland is like a gentleman, for they have faith in themselves

58. Which of the following is the best title of the passage?

A. Life in Finland     B. A Society with “Foolish” People

C. What a Life     D. Honest accounts of the Finns

答案  55.D  56.C  57.A  58.B