unit 2 Words and expressions

1.debate about /on/upon sh争论某事

Debate sth with sb 与某人争某事

eg.I debated the idea in my mind until I fell asleep.


They were debating whether to go to the mountain or to the seaside.


After a long debate the bill was passed in congress.


2.in addition to sth/doing sth=as well as, besides另外

Additions are made to the list from time to time.


In addition to giving a general introduction to computers, the course also provides practical experience.


3.lie-lay-lain-lying 躺,卧,位于

lay-laid-laid-laying 放置,下蛋

lie-lied-lied-lying 撒谎

figure 体形,身体;数字;图形;人像,雕像

figure out 计算出;想明白

have/keep a good figure 拥有/保持好身材

be poor/good at figures 擅长/不擅长计算

4.get into (out of ) a difficult situation

5.run across /run into 偶遇,撞上

run away走掉

run away from逃避

run out用光

run out of 用光

in the long run从长远看

be on the run 忙碌

6.close get close to 接近 sit close to 坐在旁边

watch sb closely 密切观察某人

be deeply moved 深受感动

deep into the night 到深夜

be highly praised 受到高度赞扬

fly high 飞得高

be widely used 被广泛使用

with his eyes wide open 眼睛睁得很大

7.equip …with sth 用某物装备

8.take measures to do 采取措施做

take steps to do 采取步骤(措施)做

take action 采取行动

9.be concerned with 与...有关

be concerned about /over 关心,挂念

as/so far as …be concerned 就。。。而言


10.rely on/upon =depend on/upon 依赖,依靠

11.result in 导致

result from 因为

as a result(of) 因为...

12.lead to 通向;导致 =result in

eg: All roads lead to Rome. 条条大路通罗马。

eg: Success lies in hard work while laziness can lead to failure.


The discovery of new evidence led to the thief being caught.


13.hunt for a job 找工作

14.under way 在进行中

under attack 受到攻击

under control 在控制之下

under discussion 在讨论中

under repair 在修理中

under examination 在检查中

under construction 在建设中

under arrest 被逮捕