Unit 5 First aid


1. give / offer / do first aid to sb

perform / carry out first aid on sb. 对某人实施急救

2. fall ill 生病

3. get injured / infected / burned 受伤 / 感染 / 烧伤

4. save one’s life 挽救某人的生命

5. sense of touch 触觉

6. electric shock 触电;电休克

7. take off 脱下;(飞机)起飞

8. squeeze out 榨出;挤出

9. over and over again 反复;多次

10. in place 在适当的位置;适当

11. put one’s hands on 找到

12. present sb. with sth.

present sth. to sb. 赠予/ 给予某人某物

13. a piece of jewellery 一件珠宝

14. cause / do damage to…. 使……受到危害/ 损害

15. a number of +n. (pl. ) 若干;许多

16. stick sth. to… 贴在…….上

17. make a difference 区别

II. Sentences:

1. Burns are called first degree, second degree or third degree burns depending on which layers of the skins are burnt.


2. John was studying in his room when he heard screaming.


3. She was lying in her front garden bleeding very heavily.


4. There is no doubt that John’s quick thinking and the first aid skills he learned at school saved Ms Slade’s life.


5. It shows that a knowledge of first aid can make a real difference .


6. If burns are on arms or legs, keep them higher than the heart, if possible.