Unit 3 Life in the Future

I. Phrases

1. make a deep/strong impression on sb. 给某人留下深刻印象

impress sb. with sth.= impress sth. on sb.使人记住某事

2. take up 拿起/占用/接受/开始/从事/继续/选修

speed up 加速

sweep up 打扫 / 横扫 /掠过

use up 用光

come up 过来

eat up 吃光

sit up 熬夜 / 坐正

turn up 出现 / 开大(音/水量)

3. remind sb. of sth. 使某人回想起某事 /提醒某人某事

remind sb. to do sth. 提醒某人去做某事

remind sb. that … 提醒某人……

4. as a result (of…) 结果

5. suffer from 遭受

6. be similar to 和…相似

7. keep doing sth. 一直做某事

8. the six of us 我们六人(共六人)

9. by/ for /through +( the / a ) lack of… 由于……的缺乏

be lacking in 缺乏(品质 /特点)

lack for …(否定句) 缺乏……

10. in no time 很快,立刻

11. on one’s feet (从病痛或挫折中)复原

12. in all directions 四面八方

13. Sb. lose / catch sight of …. 看不见 / 看见

Sb. / Sth. be in / out of sight 看得见 / 看不见

at first sight 第一眼

at the sight of… 一看见……就……

14. provided A with B 向A提供B

15. plenty of + [u] / [c] 许多

16. be previous to … 早于……

17. compare A with B

compare A to B 把A与B作比较,把A比喻作B

18. for health reasons 出于健康原因

19. bend the rules 变通,放宽

20. on earth 究竟,到底

21. be under repair 在维修中

22. search for … 寻找

23. assist sb. in /with sth.

= assist sb. in doing sth.

= assist sb. to do sth. 帮忙,协助某人去做某事

24. go soft 变软

25. speak in whisper 低声地说

26. be optimistic about … 对……乐观

27. switch on / off the power 开 /关电源

28. explain to sb. sth.= explain sth. to sb. 向某人解释某事

29. give off 发出(光/热等)

30. get / be caught in … 被困在……中

31. require sb. to do sth.

=require that sb. (should ) do sth.要求某人做某事

Sth. require doing / to be done 某物需要被

32. be supposed to do 应该

33. be equipped with … 装备有……

34. be essential for / to … 对……是必要的

II. Sentences:

1. Think about how many changes there have been in the last one thousand years .


2. What problems do you think people in the future will have overcome?


3.The air seemed thin as though its combination of gases had little oxygen left.


4. Why not sit down and rest? = Why don’t you sit down and rest?


5. What three visits would you ask to go on if you were Li Qiang ?


6. Neither of these creatures is easy to talk to . 这两种生物都不容易与之交谈。

7. The dimpods have so many arms and legs that you can’t tell which is which.


8. Everyone will get twice as much personal space as in flats on land.