1. We can't ___ one to change the habits of a lifetime in a short time.

A. hope B. wait C. expect D. imagine

2. The noise was so ____ that only those with excellent hearing were aware of it.

A. dim B. soft C. faint D. gentle

3. His landlady gave him a week's ___ to leave the flat.

A. threat B. notice C. advice D. caution

4. Even if they are on sale, these refrigerators are equal in price to, if not more expensive than, ___ at the other store.

A. anyone B. the others C. that D. the ones

5. When I took his temperature, it was two degrees above ___.

A. average B. ordinary C. regular D. normal

6. It is clear that the whole world is passing through a social revolution in which a central _____ must be taken by scientists and technologists.

A. process B. attention C. measure D. part

7. These plastic flowers look so ___ that many people think they are real.

A. beautiful B. natural C. artificial D. similar

8. When I worked as the general manager of the firm, I sometimes had ___ to visit London on business.

A. opportunity B. possibility C. occasion D. chance

9. The most important ___ of his speech was that we should all work whole-heartedly for the people.

A. element B. spot C. sense D. point

10. It has always been the ___ of our firm to encourage workers to take part in social activities.

A. plan B. campaign C. procedure D. policy

11. I remember her face but I cannot ___ where I met her.

A. recall B. remind C. remember D. remark

12. He has left his book here on ___, so that you can read it.

A. purpose B. intention C. aim D. meaning

13. The open university was started in order to help those who ___ having a university education when they were young.

A. stopped B. failed C. missed D. ceased

14. We won't know whether it will be successful. We won't know whether there will be good ___.

A. ends B. results C. effects D. causes

15. Comrade Li Dazhao, ___ librarian of Beijing University, was one of the founders of the Chinese Communist Party.

A. sometimes B. sometime C. some time D. some times

答案:1-5 CCBDD 06-10 DBCDD 11-15 AACBB