1. Tell your brother to come _____, because it's going to rain in a minute or two.
A. indoors B. outdoors C. outward D. inwards

[答案] A. indoors

[注释] 按句子的逻辑意思应选indoors adv. 向屋里;在屋里,
inwards adv, 向内,向中心,outward 向外。outdoors 是 indoors 的反义词。
本文译文: 叫你兄弟进屋来,因为天马上要下雨了。

2. I can't advise you what to do. You must use your own _____.
A. opinion B. guesswork C. justice D. judgement

[答案] D judgement

[注释] judgement 判断。guesswork 猜测,justice 正义,公正,ideal 理想。

3. Because of the poor harvest, wheat prices have _____ in the last six months.
A. added B. jumped C. amounted D. developed

[答案] B. jumped.

[注释] jump (=rise suddenly in price) 指“(价格)暴涨”。

4. There is a 20 minute parking _____ here, so we must get back to the car very quickly.
A. freedom B. limit C. allowance D. prohibition

[答案] B. limit.

[注释] parking limit 意为在停车场“停车的时间限制”。a 20 minutes parking limit (停车时间限制为20分钟).

5.The country needs a _____ government. We have had three Prime Ministers in a year.
A. stationary B. changeless nt

[答案] D. stable.

[注释] stable 稳定的。stationary 静止的,不变的,固定的。changeless 不变的,无变化的。constant 经常不断的。

6. Having said he would mend the clock, he discovered that he had not brought the _____ tools for the job.
A. concise B. correct C. right D. precise

[答案] C. right.

[注释] right 适当的,恰当的:
He is the right man to do the job.(他是干这项工作的合适人选)

concise 简明扼要的,correct 正确的;

exact 确切的: exact time 确切的时间,exact age 确切的年龄,exact weight 确切的重量;
exact information 确切的信息;exact cause 确切 的原因;exact meaning 确切的意思。

7. Radium salts, which have been found to _____ in bones, give rise to cancers of the bone.
A. pile up B. build up C. keep up D. pull up

[答案] B. build up.

[注释] build up(=accumulate) 积累。pile up 堆积。keep up 保持,维持。 pull up 停车。

8. It has been laid down that each student must _____ a composition to the teacher once a week.
A. turn in B. give up C. put forward D. bring out

[答案] A. turn in.

[注释] turn in(=hand in) 上交。

9. Our house is the most _____ one in the street; it is painted red.
A. inant D. prominent

[答案] D. prominent.

[注释] prominent 突出的;突起的。indifferent 漠不关心的;permanent 永久 的;predominant 占优势的,主要的。

10. I shall take you back to Beijing _____ you are well enough to travel.
A. presently B. promptly C. immediately D. shortly

[答案] C. immediately

[注释] immediately(=directly) 作连词用,意为“一……就……”,相当于 as soon as .