Passage 5  (2006·陕西B卷A篇)  阅读理解

For centuries,the only form of written correspondence (通信)was the letters were,and are,sent by some form of postal service,the history of which goes back a long way .indeed,the egyptians began sending letters from about 2000 BC,as did the Chinese a thousand years later.

Of course,modern postal service now are march more developed and faster.depending as they do on cars and planes fore delivery.Yet they are stell too slow for some people to send urgent documents (紧急文件)and letters.

The invention of the fax (传真) machine increased the speed of delivering documents even more.When you send a fax you are sending a copy of a piece of correspondence to someone by telephone service.It was not until the early 1980s that such a service was developed enough for bussinesses to be able to fax documents to each other.

The fax service is still very much in use when copies of documents require to be sent ,but,as a way of fast correspondence,it has been largely taken the place of by email ,Email is used to describe messages sent form one computer user to another.

There are advantages and disadvantages with emails.ifyou send some one an email ,then he will receive it extremely quickly .Normal postal services are rather slow as far as speed of delivery is concerned.

However,if you write something by email,which you might later regret ,and send it immediately,there is no chance for second least,if you are have to address and seal(封)the envelope and take it to the post box..there is plenty of time to change your mind .The message is think before you email!

41.We can learn from the tex that__________.

A. the email is less popular than the fax service    

B. the postal service has over the years become faster

C. the postal service has over the years become slower

D. the fax service has a history as long as the postal service does

42.It can be inferred from the text that_________.

A. the fax service had been fully developed by the 1980s

B. letters have been used in China for about 1,000 years

C. the fax machine was invented after the 1980s

D. letters have been used in Egypt for about 2,000 years

43.In the last paragraph,the wrin intentings think before you email”to show then________. may regret if you than’t your envelope may regre l before you send something by email’d better  not send your email in a hurry regrse before you on time to send an email

44.The text madtry deal with_________.

A.the  progress in correspondence

B.the advantage of fax machines

C.the advantage of emails

D.the invention of fas machines

答案  41.B  42.A  43.C  44.A