1. What makes the space shuttle _____ is that it takes off like a rocket but lands like an airplane.
A. exceptional B. strange C. unique D. rare

[答案]C. unique.

[注释]unique(=being the only one of its type)同类事物中独一无二的。如:This stamp is unique; all others like it have been lost or destroyed.

2. People cannot but feel _____, for they simply cannot understand how he could have made such a stupid mistake.
A. puzzled B. delighted C. induced D. inspired

[答案]A. puzzled.

[注释]be (feel, get) puzzled感到迷惑、为难。

3. When a space shuttle has accomplished its _____, it can be ready for another trip in about two weeks.
A. venture B. mission C. commission D. responsibility

[答案]B. mission.

[注释]mission通常指一种特殊的、特定的且有一定难度的使命或工作,常与accomplish, complete等词搭配,如:
accomplish a historic mission完成一项历史使命。

He declined the business venture.

commission委任;代理;佣金。He often goes beyond his commission.(他时常越权。)


4. He's the kind of man who is fond of _____ compliments to other men's wives.
A. paying B. saying C. expressing D. showing

[答案]A. paying

[注释]pay a compliment (compliments) to sb.恭维某人。

5. Radar enables the pilot of an airliner to take off, fly and land in _____.
A. danger B. comfort C. continuity D. safety

[答案]D. safety.

[注释]in safety安全地。从逻辑上看,其他选择均不切题。

6. The map was drawn to the standard _____ of 1/100,000, so there was not much detail.
A. route B. line C. rate D. scale

[答案]d. scale.

be drawn to be standard scale of 1/100,000(按照十万分之一标准比例尺绘制)。

7. Our Party has always devoted great attention to raising the living _____ of the working people.
A. cost B. situation C. level D. standard

[答案]D. standard.

[注释]living standard生活水准。

8. It was _____ by the railway board that the cost of rail fares would be increased by ten percent.
A. noticed B. stated C. suggested D. noted

[答案]B. stated.

[注释]state此处意为“(=make sth. know, announce)宣布,通告,声明(口头的或书面的)”,如:
It is stated that all the accident were killed.(据宣布,事故中全部人员无一幸免。)

suggest建议,是表示欲望意义的动词,从句中要用虚拟语气(should +动词原形)。

Note(=notice)“注意到”,如:It was noted that the temperature rose during this time.

9. The chances of discovering life on Neptune are about a million _____.
A. at one B. for one C. to one D. against one

[答案]c. the one.

[注释]a million to one百万分之一,意为“几乎没有什么可能”。

10. Everything he said then was _____ by what happened later.
A. identified B. signified C. noticed D. verified

[答案]D. verified.

[注释]verify(=prove the truth of)证实,证明:
1)It was easy to verify his statements.(很容易证实他说的话。)
2)Later findings verified the scientist's theory(后来的各种发现证明这位科学家的理论是对的。)


1)He signified that he agreed by nodding.(他点头表示同意。)
2)Never mind, it doesn't signify.(没事儿,这无关紧要。)