Group P 高中英语听力专线(十)



1.What did the woman do last Saturday?

A.She saw a play.B.She acted in a play.

C.She went to the tea house.

2.How much time is left before the movie begins?

A.7 minutes. B.15 minutes.

C.30 minutes.

3.Where can you most probably hear this talk?

A.In a department store.B.In a post office.

C.In a bank.

4.Why does the man turn down the woman’s offer?

A.He doesn’t have coffee before lunch.

B.He doesn’t feel like wine.

C.He prefers tea.

5.How much did the woman’s trousers cost?

A.45 dollars.B.12 dollars.C.33 dollars.




6.What does the woman ask to do at first?

A.Change the gloves.B.Return the gloves.

C.Try the gloves.

7.How much will the woman pay to get the gloves she likes?

A.$29.95. B.$35.25. C.$5.3.


8.What is the conversation about?

A.A film.B.A book. C.A story.

9.What does the girl think of the film?

A.She thinks it is terrible.

B.She thinks it is good.

C.She thinks it is wonderful.

10.According to the girl,what did the film director do to the story?

A.He followed the story.

B.He improved the story.

C.He changed the story.


11.What is the relationship between the two speakers?

A.They are director and actress.

B.They are husband and wife.

C.They are reporter and actress.

12.What does the woman do in the play?

A.She acts a young lady.

B.She directs the play.

C.She writes the play.

13.What does the woman want to be after this play?

A.A singer.B.A director.

C.A film star.


14.What is Susan Welch?

A.A reporter.B.A singer.

C.An announcer.

15.Which of the following may be included in Pop World of BCD International?

A.Basic music knowledge.

B.Stories about the old days.

C.Information about some song writers.

16.Which program gives the ideas behind the pop songs?

A.The History of Pop.

B.About the Big Hits.

C.The Road to Music.

17.What can we learn from the text?

A.It’s impossible for foreigners to understand most pop songs.

B.Pop Words is the listeners’ favorite programme.

C.It’s difficult for native English speakers to understand some pop songs.


18.Why did Mark Twain’s friend ask him to buy a ticket for him?

A.He was a poor man.

B.He had lost his money.

C.Mark Twain was kind.

19.What was the friend doing when the conductor came to check the tickets?

A.He was lying on the seat.

B.He was sitting on the seat.

C.He was lying under the seat.

20.Why did Mark Twain talk in a loud voice?

A.To make his friend hear.

B.To make the conductor hear.

C.To make the passengers hear.