Group P 高中英语听力专线(九)



1.What does the woman imply?

A.She didn’t clean the apartment.

B.She’ll help the man clean his apartment.

C.She needs to clean the lab.

2. What does the woman mean?

A.She saw the man run out.

B.She thought the man’s laundry was done badly.

C.She was sorry the man couldn’t finish his laundry.

3. What does the man imply?

A.His coach didn’t help him enough.

B.He had no chance of winning.

C.He didn’t follow his coach’s advice.

4.What does the woman mean?

A.She likes the new theatre in town.

B.She expects the theatre to close down.

C.She’s surprised by the news.

5. What does the man say about the activities?

A.They aren’t very good because they’re so different.

B.He thinks they should do both.

C.It doesn’t matter which one they do.




6. What is the woman’s real problem?

A.She feels headache.B.She feels frightened.

C.She feels very stressed.

7.What food is considered as low stress food?

A.Apples and grapes.B.Hamburgers.

 C.French fries.

8.What is the woman going to do?

A.To eat less.B.To eat more.

C.To change her food.


9. What are the man and the woman talking about?

A.A film.B.A real story.

C.A ghost story.

10. What’s the first name of the man they are talking about?

A.Tim. B.Tom. C.Smith.

11.Why didn’t the man return home after the war?

A.He had been wounded in the war.

B.The man hasn’t told the woman yet.

C.He had to sell newspapers at the railway station.


12.What is NOT true about the man?

A.Water is running down his leg.

B.He can not breathe well after a walk.

C. He hasn’t been sleeping well because of the pain in his leg.

13. What has caused the trouble?

A.The woman doesn’t know yet.

B.He was burnt by boiling water.

C.He has tired himself out in his work.

14.What’s the woman’s name?

A.Doctor Cook.B.Doctor Martin.

C.The conversation doesn’t tell us.


15. Where are the man and the woman going?

A.To the bus station.

B.To the police station.

C.To the railway station.

16.What does the woman think they should do?

A.Take a taxi.B.Walk slowly.

C.Leave the bags with the police.

17. What does the man find out at last?

A.Fifteen minutes is too long.

B.The traffic is moving too slowly.

C.He is not able to carry two bags.


18.According to the passage,what were dogs trained for in the past?

A.For protection against other animals.

B.For protection against other dogs.

C.Just for fun.

19. Why were dogs used for hunting?

A.Because they did not eat other animals.

B.Because they were useful for protection.

C.Because they always obeyed their masters.

20. What is the most important reason for people in the city to keep dogs now?

A.For companionship. B.For amusement.

C.For protection against robbery.