Group P 高中英语听力专线(八)



1.What is the possible relationship between the two speakers?

A.Employer and employee.

B.Next door neighbors.

C.Two good friends.

2. What will the two speakers most probably do this weekend?

A.See a film.B.Climb a mountain.

C.Play table tennis.

3.What time will the train leave?

A.At 6:10 tomorrow morning.

B.At 11:00 tonight.

C.At 11:00 tomorrow morning.

4.What does the man mean?

A.He is waiting for someone else.

B.He doesn’t want to talk with Mr Miller.

C.He is busy now.

5.Where does the conversation take place?

A.In a restaurant.B.In a department store.

C. In a hotel.




6.How was the weather like during the Browns’ trip?

A.Very warm.B.Very hot.C.Very cool.

7.How were the hotels in Venezuela?

A.Excellent and not expensive.

B.Cheap but not good.

C.Nice but expensive.

8.What was the woman advised to buy in Venezuela?

A.Daily staff.B.Clothes.C.Gold jewelry.


9.Where is the Mandy’s family?

A.In England.B.In Ireland.

C.In Scotland.

10.How did the woman get the money to buy a flat?

A.From her friends.B.From her brother.

C.From her parents.

11.What will  the speakers do next?

A.Have lunch.B.Have coffee.

C.Have dinner.


12.Where does the man want to go?

A.America.B.New Zealand.


13.What time will the flight take off?

A.At 11:30 am.B.At 10:30 am.

C.At 11:30 pm.

14.How long does the whole journey take?

A.Less than one hour.

B.About two hours.

C.About eleven hours.


15. What sports does the man like to play after work?

A.Table tennis,running and golf.

B.Tennis,swimming and golf.

C.Tennis,running and golf.

16.How often does the man play golf?

A.About once a week.

B.About once a month.

C.About once a year.

17.What time will the speakers meet at the clubhouse?

A.At 1:30 pm.B.At 2:00 am.

C.At 2:30 pm.


18.Where is the speaker giving the talk?

A.On a hill.B.In a forest.

C.Beside a lake.

19.What can the listeners do at Summit Lake?

A.Rest and take photos.

B.Go boating or swimming.

C.Cook lunch over a campfire.

20.What would be part of the trip?

A.Climbing up rocks.B.Fishing in a stream.

C.Walking through a field.