Group N高中英语听力专线()



1.What is the man?

A.A salesman.B.A fisherman.C.A repairman.

2. How long is the post office open on Saturdays?

A.For 3 hours. B.For 5 hours.C.For 8 hours.

3.Why can’t the woman play her records?

A.Because she’s broken them.

B.Because she’s left them in the cafe.

C.Because she’s forgotten where she put them.

4.Where does the conversation most likely take place?

A.At a department store.

B.In a club.C.In the zoo.

5.What does the woman mean?

A.She likes the dinner but doesn’t like the soup.

B.She likes the soup but doesn’t like the dinner.

C.She likes both the dinner and the soup.




6.In which country is the woman going to study?

A.Australia.   B.Britain.       C.America.

7.How does the woman feel about going abroad?

A.Happy.     B.Calm.       C.Disappointed.

8. What do we know about the woman?

A.She will stay abroad forever.

B.She will study economics in the university.

C.She has got a master’ s degree.


9.Where did the conversation probably take place?

A.At the woman’ s house. B.At a restaurant.C.At the man’ s house.

10.What else does the man prefer to do after the meal?

A.To watch TV.B.To smoke.C.To drink some water.

11.What does the woman advise the man to do to be good at cooking?

A.Learn how to cook from her.                                  

B. Get a book and do after it.

C.Take some courses on cooking.


12.Why did the woman call Mr.Johnson?

A.To introduce a job.

B.To set up a laboratory.

C.To go to a college.

13.How did the Job Center know Johnson was looking for a job?

A.Johnson phoned them.

B.Johnson emailed them.

C.Johnson telegrammed them.

14.What did Mr.Johnson decide?

A.To take the job.  B.To talk to his wife.

C.To go to the Job Center tomorrow.


15.Where is the conversation taking place?

A.In the room.           B.In the classroom.

C.In a snack bar.

16.Why does Bill sometimes get angry at the man?

A.He doesn’t tell truth.                                         

B.He’s too noisy.    

C.He’s messy.

17.What did Bill do during the vacation?

A.He took a long trip.                                   

B.He visited the man’s family

C.He stayed in the dorm.


18. Why   is the speaker leaving for London?

A.To visit some museums.

B.To attend a conference.

C.To go on business.

19. What will the speaker do in London?

A.Meet his old teacher.

B.Study English literature.

C.See the dentist.

20.Who does the speaker want John to telephone?

A.Peter.B.The teacher.C.The dentist.