Group O高中英语听力专线()



1.Where does this conversation probably take place?

A.In a hospital.B.In a friend’s house.

C.In the man’s house.

2.What is the woman going to buy?

A.A book on planes.B.Pictures of ships.

C.A book on ships.

3.What kind of music does the man like?

A.Folk music.B.Pop music.

C.Classical music.

4.Why doesn’t the woman buy the coat?

A.It is expensive.

B.There isn’t her size.

C.She doesn’t like the color.

5.What is the man doing?

A.Finishing his homework.

B.Doing physical exercise.

C.Smoking on the upper floor.




6. What’s the matter with Hudson’s mother?

A.She was ill,but she felt much better.

B.She was seriously ill.

C.She went to see him.

7.What kind of person is Mr.Hudson according to the dialogue?

A.A very good worker.    

B.A person who often gets angry.

C.A person who cares nothing.

8.Which may be the reason why Mr.Hudson is so sad?

A.His mother’s illness.

B.Maybe his son has brought him some trouble.

C.His manager wants to fire him.


9.What are the two speakers generally talking about?

A.People served in shops.   

B.Goods in various qualities.

C.Shopping in different places.

10. What is the man?

 A.A salesman in a small shop.

B.A manager of a supermarket.

C.A staff of a department store.

11.What might the woman think of supermarket staff?

A.They’re unfriendly.B.They’re very nice.

C.They’re well-paid.


12.Why is it difficult for the woman to lose weight?

A.She enjoys delicious dishes too much.

B.She works too long.

C.She has no time for exercise.

13.Who is Michael?

A.John’s manager.B.Julia’s husband.

C.Kate’s friend.

14.What does the man suggest the woman do?

A.Change her job.

B.Stop working and spend more time with her family.

C.Eat less and do more exercise.


15.Where does Mike work?

A.In a grocery.B.In a language school.

C.In an art school.

16.What does the woman want to do for a change?

A.Learn to dance.B.Learn a new song.

C.Learn to draw.

17.What is most difficult for the woman about learning Arabic?



18.What kind of clothes does the speaker’s sister like?

A.Cheap clothes.B.Ordinary clothes.              

C.Clothes of new design.

19. What do the twin sisters have in common?

A.They enjoy loud music.   

B.They enjoy friendship.          

C.They want to have their children.

20.Why doesn’t the speaker like living in the same room with her twin sister?

A.The speaker likes to keep things neat while her sister doesn’t.

B.Her twin sister often brings friends home and makes too much noise.

C.They can’t agree on the color of the room.