Group N高中英语听力专线()



1. Who is the man talking about now?

A.His girlfriend.B.His sister. C.His mother.

2. What are they talking about?

A.A traffic accident.B.A fire.

C.A crime.

3.Where does the conversation most probably take place?

A.At a bookshop.B.At a kitchen. C.At a bank.

4.Who was injured?

A.George.B.George’s wife.

C.George’s wife’s father.

5.What do we learn from the conversation?

A.Tony could not continue the experiment.

B.Tony finished the experiment last night.

C.Tony will go on with his experiment.




6.Where does this conversation most likely take place?

A.In the street.    B.At the woman’s home. C.Over the phone.

7.What is the woman going to do tonight?

A.Help her sister with English.

B.Meet her friend at the station.

C.Go to an exhibition with her parents.


8. When will the football competition end?

A.On August 17.B.On August 20.

C.On August 25.

9. What do we know about the two speakers?

A.They will both enter the competition.

B.They both work hard at their lessons.

C.They both enjoy swimming.

10. Where will the football competition be held?

A.In the city’s stadium.

B.In the speakers’ school.

C.In the park.


11. What probably is the woman?

A.A driver.B.A teacher.C.A reporter.

12. How long does it take the man to get to school by bike?

A.About an hour.B.Half an hour.

C.Fifteen minutes.

13. What does the man think of the traffic in the city?



14. How does the woman feel at the beginning of the conversation?


15.What size bag does the woman want?

A.A 24inch bag.B.A 29inch bag.

C.A 32inch bag.

16.When will the woman leave for Mexico?

A.On Thursday.B.On Friday.

C.On Saturday.

17.Where does the man work?

A.At a mail order company.

B.At an international travel service.

C.At the airport information desk.


18. Why did the man decide to leave the college in his second term?

A.He didn’t like the big lecture classes.

B.He couldn’t afford further education.

C.He was not interested in education.

19. What does he think of his work experiences?

A.They were personally rewarding.

B.They should be part of school life.

C.They gave him a chance to learn German.

20. Where is the university he decides to go to in the end?

A.In South Carolina.B.In Florida.

C.In Ohio.