Group O高中英语听力专线()



1.What are the speakers going to do?

A.To hold a meeting.

B.To prepare for cooking.

C.To set a table for a meal.

2.Why will the speakers have to cancel the fair?

A.Because it keeps raining.

B.Because the gym’s being repaired.

C.Because the school-hall is full of books.

3.Where did the man get the news that the flight had been canceled?

A.At the airport.B.At the meeting.

C.At the international flat.

4.What is the probable relationship between the two speakers?

A.Teacher and student.


C.Mother and son.

5.What are the two speakers talking about?

A.Paying taxes.

B.The price of cigarettes.

C.Giving up smoking.




6.What is wrong with the man?

A.He has a cough.B.He has a cold.

C.He has a headache.

7.What is the relationship between the two speakers?

A.Brother and sister.B.Workmates.

C.Doctor and patient.

8.What will the man do next?

A.Take a medical examination.

B.Refuse the woman’s advice.

C.Arrange the business affairs.


9.How will they travel?

A.By train. B.By bus.C.By plane.

10.When should the man book the traveling in advance?

A.Four months. B.Eight months.

C.Ten months.

11.What is the purpose of the man?

A.To book a ticket.

B.To give some details.

C.To ask for information.


12.What’s the relationship between the two speakers?



13.Why is Jeanie here earlier?

A.To meet her friend.B.To have a class.

C.To go over her homework.

14.What’s Jack’s attitude toward the test?

A.He is calm.B.He worries about it.

C.He has to get an A.


15.How many places will Mr.Robertson visit in China?


16.How will Robertson go to Xi’an?

A.By plane. B.By train. C.By car.

17.Where was Robertson born?

A.Australia. B.England. C.China.


18.What is important to children according to the speaker?

A.Making mistakes.

B.Correcting their own mistakes.

C.Judging their own work.

19.What does the last sentence“Let him do it himself”really mean?

A.Let the teacher point out the mistake to the child.

B.Let the teacher make the child correct his mistakes.

C.Let the child notice and correct his own mistakes.

20.What’s the topic of the text?


B.Riding a bike.

C.How to educate children.