Group N高中英语听力专线()



1.Who is answering the phone?

A.Elaine.B.Allan MacFarlane.C.Bob Harris.

2. What happened to the driver?

A.He ran into a bicycle.

B.He drove too slowly.

C.He ran into a tree.

3.What can we learn from the dialogue?

A.They like summer.

B.They don’t like summer.

C.They think hot weather is nicer.

4.When should Susan go to meet Professor Brown?

A.At 9:30.B.At 10:00.C.At 10:30.

5.What does the woman plan to do this afternoon?

A.Buy a new pair of glasses.

B.Shop for some clothes.

C.Go to her classes.




6.Where does the conversation most likely take place?

A.In a restaurant.B.In a hotel.

C.On the phone.

7.When does the restaurant stop serving lunch?

A.At 1 p.m..B.At 2 p.m..

C.At 3 p.m..

8.How many people will come with the woman for lunch?



9.What are the speakers talking about?

A.Buying a car.B.Choosing a gift.C.Using a computer.

10.What’s the relationship between the two speakers?

A.Husband and wife.               

B.Professor and student.  

C.Salesman and customer.

11.What do we know about the person mentioned by speakers?

A.Maybe he likes something expensive.

B.He is surely over sixty years old.

C.He must be fond of learning.


12.What’s the probable relationship between the speakers?

A.Close friends.B.Strangers.


13. What’s the woman going to do?

A.She is going to work in a post office nearby.

B.She wants to do some exercise.

C.She intends to post a letter.

14.What does the woman have to do to reach the destination?

A.She has to find the entrance inside a building complex.

B.She has to turn right to the main street.

C.She has to register her letter.


15.What is the present condition of hotline like today?


16.What is the purpose of starting the hotline for teenagers?

A.To gain the belief of teenagers.

B.To make teenagers study hard.

C.To protect teenagers’ rights.

17.What does the woman think of the hotline for teenagers?

A.It won’t last long.B.It will be useful.

C.It will save many lives.


18.What is the purpose of the passage?

A.To report on the growing middle class of China.

B.To introduce a US company.

C.To analyze the current market.

19. How many new babies does China have every year?

A.11 million.B.20 million.

C.21 million.

20. Which of the following is true?

A.The toys made by China are of poor quality.

B.China has a lot of highquality toys exported.

C.China is behind in toysmaking.