Group O 高中英语听力专线(五)



1. Where does the conversation take place?

A.In a classroom.B.In a concert hall.

C.In a ticket office.

2. What does the man mean?

A.He’ s not worried at all.

B.He wants the woman to relax.

C.He’s too nervous to calm down.

3.What is the woman doing?



4.What do we know about the man?

A.He wants a telephone of his own.

B.He is looking for a new job.

C.He doesn’t usually receive calls at work.

5.Where did Paul plan to go on his way home?

A.To the shop.B.To the bank.

C.To the office.




6.Why does the lady never travel on Platform 13?

A.She thinks 13 is an unlucky number.

B.It is too difficult for her to walk there.

C.The platform is too high.

7. Who does the lady want to see?

A.Her friend.B.Her husband.

C.Her sister.

8. When will the train leave?

A.Half past three.B.Half past four.

C.Half past five.


9. When did the man begin to feel sick?

A.Yesterday afternoon.B.Last night.

C.This morning.

10. What might cause the man’s sickness?

A.Dirty food.  B.Lack of sleep.         

C.Too much alcohol.

11.Why does the woman think the matter should be looked into?

A.It has caused great losses.    

B.It frightens people greatly.

C.It has happened twice.


12.Why does the woman phone the man?

A.Because she loses her way.

B.Because she wants to tell him something.

C.Because she wants the man to pick her up.

13.Where is the woman when she phones the man?

A.At a corner of New Hampshire Street.

B.At a restaurant on the corner.

C.At the first corner of New Hampshire Street.

14.Which floor does the man live?

A.On the first floor.      B.On the third floor.

C.On the sixth floor.


15.What did the man put up on the wall yesterday?

A.The picture he drew on his vacation.  

B.The picture he took.

C.The picture of him taken last year.

16. What kind of photographs does the man NOT like?

A.Pictures of people posting for the camera.

B.Pictures of daily lives.                 

C.Pictures taken by other people.

17. How many cameras does the man use more often?

A.Twelve.   B.Ten.  C.Two.


18.Who were in the bar of the hotel?

A.Some Americans.

B.An Irishman.

C.An Englishman and an Irishman.

19.What was the Irishman doing?

A.He was drinking.

B.He was watching TV.

C.He was reading.

20. What was on TV?

A.The Americans were getting ready to go to the moon.

B.The Irish were ready to send some men to the sun.

C.Some Englishmen were sent to the moon.