Group O 高中英语听力专线(三)



1.How much should the woman pay?

A.$94.50.B.$94.85. C.$95.50.

2.What’s the man interested in during his free time?  

A.Playing chess.

B.Collecting stamps.

C.Nothing but play chess.

3.How long did the man travel after leaving the post office?

A.About an hour.

B.Two and a half hours.

C.About half an hour.

4. What is the woman going to do this evening?  

A.Go to dinner.B.Make a reservation.

C.Go to the airport.

5.What do you think the man wants to do?

A.To find a job.

B.To rent a house.

C.To pay for the breakfast.




6.Where does this conversation take place?

A.At a restaurant. B.At somebody’s home.

C.At a hotel.

7. What present does the guest give her friend?

A.A bamboo basket. B.Some sweets.

C.Some bamboo.

8.What is the guest’s nationality?

A.Chinese.B.American. C.English.


9.Who are they waiting for?

A.Jenny.B.Jenny’s sister.

C.Mike’s sister.

10.Where does this conversation take place?

A.At the bus-stop.

B.At the railway station.

C.At the airport.

11.According to the telegram,when will she arrive?

A.At 19:30 on Tuesday.

B.At 19:30 on Thursday.

C.At 7:30 on Tuesday.


12. What are they talking about?

A.Where to spend their holiday.

B.How to drive a tractor.

C.Their summer vacation.

13. Where did Jane spend her summer holiday?

A.On a farm. B.At home.

C.In a fruit garden.

14. Which is right according to the dialogue?

A. Harry had a holiday on a farm.

B.Harry’s mother was ill.

C.Harry’s uncle is a doctor.


15.What are the two speakers talking about?

A.School. B.The weather. C.Hobbies.

16. What does the man suggest to the woman?

A.She should have an active hobby.

B.She should relax and enjoy herself.

C.Both A and B.

17. Which of the following can best describe the man?

A.He is lazy. B.He is very active.

C.He is strong.


18.Who is the speaker?

A.A weather reporter.

B.A hotel manager.

C.A tour guide.

19.What can we infer from this announcement?

A.The weather is changeable.

B.They are far away from any towns and cities.

C.Local food is both cheap and delicious.

20.Which activity is NOT included in the holiday arrangement?