Group O 高中英语听力专线(二)



1.What does the woman do?

A.An editor.B.A nurse.C.A housewife.

2.What does the sign say?



3. Where will the woman stop on her way?

A.At a cigarette store.

B.At a bus station.

C.At a gas station.

4.What does the woman mean?

A.He won’t make much money.

B.He may not sell his paintings.

C.He won’t be able to buy a new car.

5. What is the probable relationship between the two speakers?

A.Husband and wife.B.Patient and nurse.

C.Student and teacher.




6.How many countries are mentioned in the dialogue?

A.Four. B.Three. C.Five.

7. Why did the man visit those countries?

A.For holidays. B.For work.

C.Both A and B.

8. In what country do you think the man stayed the longest time?

A.France.B.Japan. C.Italy.


9.When will the man leave?


10.Who told the man the news?

A.His sister.B.His father.

C.His mother.

11.How long will the man stay at home at most?

A.2 days. B.3 days. C.4 days.


12.What is Sally doing?

A.Reading a letter. B.Washing clothes.

C.Making a phone call.

13.Why does Tom ask Sally and John to call him?

A.He wants to meet them at the station.

B.He wants to invite them to dinner.

C.He wants them to visit his family.

14.What is Tom’s telephone number?



15.Where is Mr Green staying?

A.At the next door.

B.At the Star Hotel.

C.At a restaurant.

16. What kind of food does Mr Green like?

A.Chinese food.

B.Fast food.

C.European food.

17. When did the conversation take place?

A.In the morning.B.At night.

C.In the afternoon.


18. For what reason did so many people gather on the Golden Gate Bridge?

A.They wanted to use the opening of the bridge.

B.They wanted to walk across the bridge.

C.They wanted to get involved in celebrating the 50th birthday of the bridge.

19. When did the bridge walk begin?

A.It began at the time when the sun was rising.

B.It began at the time when the sun was setting.

C.It began at the time when the moon was rising.

20.How long did the party last?

A.It lasted four hours.

B.It lasted the whole day.

C.It lasted half a day.