Passage 6  (08·四川)  完形填空

One night I decided to spend some time building a happier and closer relationship with my daughter.For several weeks she had been  __16__  me to play chess(棋)with her,so I suggested a game and she eagerly __17__. It was a school night,however,and at nine o’clock my daughter asked if I could  __18__  my moves,because she  __19__  to go to bed;she had to get up at six in the morning.I  __20__  she had strict sleeping habits,  __21__  I thought she ought to be able to  __22__  some of this strictness.I said to her,“  __23__,you can stay up late for once.We’re having  __24__.” We played on for another fifteen minutes,during which time she looked  __25__. Finally she said,“Please,Daddy,do it quickly.”“No,”I replied.“If you’re going to play it  __26__, you’re going to play it slowly.”And so we  __27__  for another ten minutes,until  __28__ my daughter burst into tears,and  29  that she was beaten.

Clearly I had made  __30__. I had started the evening wanting to have a  __31__  time with my daughter but had  __32__  my desire to win to become more  __33__  than my relationship with my daughter.When I was a child,my desire to win  __34__  me well. As a parent,I  __35__  that it got in my way. So I had to change.

16.A.guiding    B.asking    D.advising

17.A.followed    B.expected C.replied    D.accepted

18.A.change B.repeat    C.hurry    D.pass

19.A.agreed B.needed    C.begged    D.hated

20.A.knew B.learned    C.guessed    D.heard B.for C.but    D.or

22.A.put up B.take up    C.pick up    D.give up

23.A.As usual    B.Go ahead C.By the way    D.Come on

24.A.patience    B.luck    D.success

25.A.excited    B.proud C.anxious    D.angry

26.A.well    B.again C.fairly    D.regularly

27.A.discussed B.continued C.counted    D.argued

28.A.nervously B.immediately    C.strangely    D.suddenly

29.A.promised    B.admitted C.wondered D.discovered

30.A.a mistake B.a decision attempt effort    B.different C.full D.happy

32.A.managed    B.recognized    C.allowed D.reduced

33.A.important B.attractive    C.practical D.interesting

34.A.offered    B.served    C.controlled    D.taught

35.A.realized    B.apologized    C.imagined D.explained

答案  16.B  17.D  18.C  19.B  20.A  21.C  22.D  23.D  24.C  25.C  26.A  27.B  28.D  29.B  30.A  31.D  32.C  33.A  34.B  35.A