Passage 2  (08·山东) 完形填空

On August 26,1999,New York City was struck by a terrible rainstorm.The rain caused the streets to  __36__  and the subway system almost came to a stop.

Unfortunately,this happened during the morning rush hour.Many people who were going to work were  __37__  to go home.Some battled to  __38__  a taxi or to get on a bus.Still others faced the  __39__  bravely,walking miles to get to work.

I  __40__  to be one of people on the way to work that morning.I went from subway line to subway line only to find that most  __41__  had stopped.After making my way  __42__  crowds of people,I finally found a subway line that was  __43__ . Unfortunately,there were so many people waiting to  __44__  the subway that I could not even get down the stairs to the  __45__ . So I took the train going in the opposite direction,and then switched back to the downtown train.Finally,after what seemed like forever,the train  __46__  my stop.Then I had to walk several blocks in the increasingly heavy rain.When I finally got to my office,I was  __47__  through,exhausted and  __48__.

My co-workers and I spent most of the day drying off.When it was 5∶00 pm,I was ready to go home.I was about to turn off my computer  __49__  I received an email from Garth,my Director:

I would like to thank all of you who made the effort and  __50__  reported to work.It is always reassuring (令人欣慰),at times like these,when employees so clearly show their __51__ to their jobs.Thank you.

Garth’s email was short,but I learned more from that  __52__  message than I ever did from a textbook.The email taught me that a few words of  __53__  can make a big difference.The rainstorm and the traffic  __54__  had made me tired and upset.But Garth’s words immediately  __55__ me and put a smile back on my face.

36.A.break B.flood C.sink D.crash

37.A.forced B.refused    C.adjusted D.gathered


39.A.climate    B.scenery    C.storm D.burden

40.A.used B.promised C.deserved D.happened

41.A.practice    B.routine    C.process    D.service B.through C.over D.for

43.A.operating    B.cycling    C.turning    D.rushing

44.A.check B.carry C.find D.board

45.A.street B.ground    C.floor D.platform

46.A.paused B.crossed    C.reached D.parked

47.A.wet    B.weak C.sick D.hurt

48.A.ashamed    B.discouraged    C.surprised D.puzzled

49.A.while B.when C.where D.after

50.A.hardly B.casually C.absolutely    D.eventually

51.A.devotion    B.donation C.connection    D.reaction

52.A.accurate    B.urgent    C.brief D.humorous

53.A.promise    B.appreciation    C.advice    D.guidance

54.A.troubles    B.signals    C.rules D.signs

55.A.corrected    B.supported C.amazed D.refreshed

答案  36.B  37.A  38.C  39.C  40.D  41.D  42.B  43.A  44.D  45.D  46.C  47.A  48.B  49.B  50.D  51.A  52.C  53.B  54.A  55.D