Perfect Dream Harry Potter

Do you know Harry Potter? If you don't, then you are out of date. Many people love Harry Potter, whether children or adults. I love Harry Potter, too. Last week, I went to Nantong to see the movie "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire".

It was a wonderful movie. In the movie, Harry is the same age as us and he is more handsome than me. Harry's best friends are Hermione and Ron. The movie tells the story of Harry's Fourth Year at Hogwarts. The Goblet of Five selects him to compete as one of four champions in the Throwizard Tournament, despite the fact that he didn't submit his name. The Tournament is very dangerous so his friends are all worried about him. Hermione and Ron try their best to help Harry to prepare for each task. I think their friendship is unbreakable. Cho Chang, who Harry likes, is a Chinese pretty girl. I liked her but I liked Hermione better because she is very clever.

It's very magical! I love magic as much as Harry does. If I lived in a magic world, I could pick up gigantic things easily, I could go to wherever I liked and I could fly on a broom, I could change my hairstyle of any time, I could.

It's a perfect world and it's a perfect dream.