My Trip to Yunnan 我的云南之行

Last summer holiday, I took a trip to Yunnan. It is in the southern part of our country. It is really a very beautiful place grand mountains, clean rivers and kind people. Trees and flowers are seen everywhere. Every year there are lots of visitors.

Maybe you have heard about Shi Lin (stone forests). There are all kinds of strange stones. Some of the small stones look like graceful girls; and the big stones look like handsome men. Other stones look like cats, peafowls, double-edged swords, mice, elephants and so on. Of all the stones, the stone like a beautiful girl in a legend is the most famous. Its name is A Shima.

I also went to Li Jiang. The roads in that city are just like the Eight Diagrams. Any road in the city goes to the center of Li Jiang. A river runs through the whole city. If you go along the river, you'll never get lost. There are many ethnic minority people in Yunnan. They are very cordial. And they all like singing and dancing. We danced with them around the campfire that night. I really had a good time.

I like the elephants and fruits there best. An elephant is even taller than me! I even mounted the elephant, though I was very afraid at first. But the elephant seemed very friendly. I took some photos with it. The fruits there are very fresh and delicious. They are very good for our health.

The trip to Yunnan impressed me greatly. I will never forget it.