1. _______ everyone here today?

A. Be B. Are C. Is D. Am

2. Harry is older than I. But he _______ younger than I.

A. look B. looks C. looked D. looking

3. It _______ like the singing of the birds.

A. sounds B. looks C. smells D. tastes

4. This kind of cake tastes _______.

A. good B. well C. to be good D. to be well

5. The children all looked _______ at the broken model plane and felt quite _______.

A. sad, sad B. sadly, sadly C. sad, sadly D. sadly, sad

6. This kind of paper _______ nice.

A. feel B. felt C. is feeling D. feels

7. This math problem is _______ and I can do it _______.

A. easy, easily B. easily, easily C. easy, easy D. easily, easy

8. Coffee is ready. How nice it _______! Would you like some?

A. looks B. smells C. sounds D. feels

9. In winter the days _______ colder and colder.

A. gets B. getting C. got D. get

10. He _______ pale at the thought.

A. got B. looked C. turned D. seemed


1. C。当复合不定代词作主语时,谓语动词用单数。

2. B。根据句意和前句时态,后句应用一般现在时。

3. A。根据语境,只有sounds(听起来)符合题意。looks意为“看起来”,smells意为“闻起来”,tastes 意为“尝起来”。

4. A。连系动词taste后应接形容词作表语。

5. D。根据句意,句中的look at是行为动词,所以修饰此动词时应用副词;在连系动词feel后应用形容词作表语。

6. D。当this kind of…作主语时,谓语动词用单数。

7. A。连系动词is后接形容词。根据句意,修饰行为动词do用副词。

8. B。根据语境和首句(Coffee is ready),此处用smell才符合题意。

9. D。根据常识我们知道冬季天气寒冷,故用一般现在时。

10. C。根据语境只能使用turned,句意为“一想到这儿,他的脸就发白了”。