191. as well, as well as  

as well也,常放于句末,和and连用表示既…又;例:He is a professor, and a writer as well.
as well as并列连词,不但…而且…

192. such…as, such…that  

such…as像…样的;例:He is not such a fool as he looks like.
such…that如此…以至于 例:He is such a good student that all the teachers like him.

193. because, because of  

because of介词短语,后接词或短语 例:He didn't go to school because of his illness.

194. in order that, in order to  

in order that后接句子,表目的;
in order to后接动词原形 例:I got up early in order to catch the first bus.

195. for example, such as  

for example一般只列举一个;
such as列举多个例子 例:I have been to a lot of American cities, such as New York, Atlanta and Chicago.