1  O liver’s early life
1  奥利弗的童年

O liver Twist was born in a workhouse,and when he arrived in this hard world,it was very doubtful whether he would live beyond the first three minutes.He lay on a hard little bed and struggled to start breathing.

解析:workhouse 救济院、旧式济贫院(英式英语);感化院、教养院(美式英语)
eg: The children were taken from the workhouse.

doubtful 可疑的;令人生疑的
动词原形是doubt 怀疑,拿不准
eg: I'm doubtful whether she is still alive.

O liver fought his first battle without much assistance from the two people present at his birth.One was an old woman,who was nearly always drunk, and the other was a busy local doctor,who was not paid enough to be very interested in O liver’s survival. After all,death was a common event in the workhouse,where only the poor and homeless lived.

解析:battle 战斗、战争
eg: The battle is not always to the strong.

However,O liver managed to draw his first breath,and then announced his arrival to the rest of the workhouse by crying loudly.His mother raised her pale young face from the pillow and whispered, ‘Let me see the child, and die.’

解析:announce 宣布、通知,名词形式为announcement 公告、通告
eg: Doctor announced that the senator has brain cancer.

The doctor turned away from the fire, where he had been warming his hands. ‘You must not talk about dying yet,’he said to her kindly.He gave her the child to hold.Lovingly,she kissed the baby on its forehead with her cold white lips,then stared wildly around the room,fell back-and died. ‘Poor dear!’said the nurse,hurriedly putting a green glass bottle back in the pocket of her long skirt.

The doctor began to put on his coat. ‘The baby is weak and will probably have difficulties,’ he said. ‘If so, give it a little milk to keep it quiet.’Then he looked at the dead woman.  ‘The mother was a good-looking girl.Where did she come from?’