10 Heathcliff visits Catherine for the last time
10 希斯克利夫最后一次看望凯瑟琳

1784 Heathcliff had given me a letter for Catherine, but I decided not to show it to her until Mr Edgar was out of the house. My chance came four days after my visit to Wuthering Heights. As it was a Sunday, Mr Edgar and all the servants went to church, leaving me alone to look after Catherine.
1784年 希斯克利夫给了我一封致凯瑟琳的信,但我决定在艾加先生不在家时再给她看。我从呼啸山庄回来后过了四天时找到了一个机会。那是个礼拜天,艾加先生和所有家仆都到教堂去了,留我一个人照看凯瑟琳。

She was sitting downstairs, by an open window, enjoying the spring sunshine. Her appearance had changed since her illness, but there was a strange beauty in her pale face. She did not read or sew any more, but used to sit there silently,  staring into the distance. Her eyes seemed fixed on something far away, something beyond normal sight.

解析:appearance的原形是appear(出现、来到),appearance 的直译是出现、露面,同时还意译为容貌、外貌。
eg: They are somewhat alike in appearance.

I showed her the letter, but she looked confused and could not seem to understand it, so I had to explain  'It's from Mr Heathcliff,' I said gently. 'He's in the garden, and wants to see you. What shall I tell him?'

解析:confused 疑惑的、困惑的;混乱的、难以辨认的
原形是confuse 动词,意思是使疑惑、使困惑、使混乱
eg: His reaction told me that he was still confused.

She said nothing, but bent forward in her chair to listen. We both heard someone coming through the hall. Heathcliff had realized the house was almost empty, and had found an open door Catherine looked eagerly towards the entrance to the room. He appeared, and in two steps was by her side. For five whole minutes he held her in his arms and kissed her again and again, it gave him great pain to look at her face. He could see, as I could, that she would never recover, that she was certain to die.

解析:bent 是bend 的过去式
bend 使弯曲、使倾斜;弯腰、俯身
eg: He bent over and picked up a silver coin.

'Oh, Catherine! Oh, my life! How can I bear It!' he cried. 'You and Edgar have broken my heart,' said Catherine, 'And you both want me to pity yoy!' 'How strong you are, Heathcliff! You'll live for years after my death! Will you forget me, and be happy with others, when I'm in my grave?' 'It's wicked of you to say that, Catherine. You know your words will burn for ever in my memory after you've left me. You know I could never forget you!'

解析:bear 作名词时,意思是熊;作动词时,意思是承受、忍受
eg: These
columns bear the weight of the roof.

'I don't want you to suffer more than I do, Heathcliff. I only want us to be together, always.'

解析:suffer 遭受、忍受、经历(不好的事情)
常用短语 suffer from
eg: He is suffering from the loss of his old friend.