'What do you want?' he asked roughly.

'My name was Isabella Linton,' I replied. 'Now I'm married to Mr Heathcliff.'

解析:marry 结婚
与某人结婚应该用短语 marry to sb.
eg: Ann married to Jim two years ago.

'Ah, so that devil has returned! Good!'he growled.

You can imagine, Ellen, how unhappy I felt in that unpleasant house. I knew that only four miles away was my real home, Thrushcross Grange, containing the only people I loved in the world. But those four miles were like an ocean, which I could not cross! Don't tell Edgar or Catherine this, but I had hoped to find a friend at Wuthering Heights, some one to support me against Heathcliff. Now I realized that no one here would help me.

解析:unpleasant 不高兴的、不愉快的
eg: This unpleasant incident detract from our enjoyment of the evening.

After a long silence I said, 'Please ask a maid to show me my bedroom. I'm tired after my journey.'

'We have no maids here,' he answered. 'Joseph will show you Heathcliff's room, if you like. And—and—you’d better lock the bedroom door tonight!'

'Why, Mr Earnshaw?' I asked. I did not want to lock myself in with Heathcliff.

解析:lock oneself in 把……关在里面
eg: Tommy locked himself in the bedroom for breaking up with his girlfriend.

He brought out a gun, which had a knife attached to it.

解析:attach 附加、附属、伴随
短语attach to 依附、贴、装
eg: He attached an
aerial to the radio.

'Look at this,' he said. 'Every night I try to open his bed room door. Up to now he's locked it. But one night he'll forget, and Then I'll kill him!'

解析:up to know 迄今为止、至今
eg: Up to now, only one passenger survived from the crash.

'Why do you hate him so much?' I asked.

'Because he's taken everything from me!' he shouted angrily. 'There's nothing left for Hareton to inherit! But I'm going to get it all back! and his money too, and then his blood. Then the devil can have his soul!'

He seemed mad to me, Ellen. I left him, and went to find the old servant, Joseph. It seemed that Heathcliff's room was locked, and there were no guest bedrooms, so in the end I slept on a chair in the child's room. What a welcome to my new home!