8 Catherine is ill
8 凯瑟琳病了

1783 The next time Heathcliff came to Thrushcross Grange, he met Isabella by chance in front of the house. I was watching from the kitchen window, as he went up to her, and, supposing that no one else could see him, kissed her.

1783年 希斯克利夫再次来画眉山庄时碰巧在宅子前面见到了伊莎贝拉。他朝她走过去的时候,我正从厨房的窗户里看着,他以为没人能看见他,就吻了她。

解析:by chance 偶然、碰巧、意外的
eg: I heard their talking by chance.

'Look, madam!' I cried to Catherine, who was passing through the kitchen. 'That devil Heathcliff told you he could never love Miss Isabella! And now he's kissing her!'

Sohwhen Heathcliff entered the house, Catherine was ready to scold him.

'Leave Isabella alone, Heathcliff!' she ordered, ‘You'll make Edgar angry!'

'You think I'm afraid of that weak little creature?' he growled, 'Anyway, what difference does it make to you? I can kiss her if she likes it. I'm not your husband, you needn't be jealous of me!'

解析:jealous 嫉妒的
常用搭配be jealous of 表示嫉妒……
eg: The two sisters were bitterly jealous of Cinderella.

'I'm not jealous of you!' replied Catherine. 'If you like Isabella, you can marry her. But do you like her?'

'It's you I want to talk about, Catherine. You know you've treated me badly. And I'm going to have my revenge! Thank you for telling me Isabella's secret. I swear I'll make good use of it!'

解析:revenge 可作名词也可作动词,表示报复、替……复仇
eg: She will revenge her dead sisters.

短语 make use of 意思是利用、使用
在use 前加上good表示利用的程度,make good use of——好好利用、充分利用
eg: We should make good use of our time.

At this point I went to look for my master, and told him that Catherine and Heathcliff were quarrelling in the kitchen.

解析:at this point 字面意思是在这一点上,其引申意类似于at this time,表示在这个时候、此时此刻
eg: At this point all of us were burst into tears.

'How can my wife call that man a friend?' he cried angrily. 'I've been too weak with her. I can't allow him to visit her any more. Call two servants, Ellen.' He went to the kitche. I followed him, telling the servants to wait in the hall.