Listen to the tape. What is being described? What can the things be used for?

1. These are very simple; two sticks about 20 cm long. They are usually made of wood. You hold the two sticks in one hand. You put one stick between two of your fingers and you hold the other one with your thumb. These things can be difficult to use at first, but you will soon learn how to pick up even small pieces of food.

2. This thing is very popular and useful. Almost every one has one these days. You can see people using this thing on the bus, when they are walking or at home. It is usually small, about the same size as your hand and it comes in many colors. There are several buttons on it; some for numbers, others for other things. It can be put in your pocket or in a small bag. With it you can talk to people far away.

3. This is a large box with a big door. If you open the door, a light comes on and you can see what’s inside. You’d better not leave the door open too long, because it is not good for the things inside. You might catch a cold too, if you stand in front of the open door. There are several shelves inside; some in the box itself, some in the door. You usually find this large box in the kitchen.