Fridays are the least productive day in many offices. People are scrambling to get things down before the weekend. Others are ditching and leaving early or not working at all. However, you don’t have to let it impact your productivity. Let’s reclaim our Fridays.

Is Friday a productive day in your workplace? Friday seems to be the most dysfunctional day of the week. (After Monday, of course.) Many people write off their Fridays as a non-productive close to their week.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, Fridays can be one of the best days to actually get work done. Let’s make our Fridays productive again.
但我们可以改变这种状况。 事实上,周五可以成为真正把事情做好的一天。我们再次让周五充满高效吧。

Here are 7 Things to Eliminate From Your Fridays to Make Them More Productive:

1. Email

Get out of your inbox and get productive. Stop waging the email war. Some companies have designated Friday “email free” and it has made a tremendous impact on their team’s ability to get work done.

2. Meetings

Meetings have taken up way too much of our work week already. Let’s declare “No Meeting Fridays” and reclaim at least one day a week from scheduled meetings.

3. Negativity

It’s the end of the week, and there is no time for being negative. Leave out the complaining, whining, and gossiping. Don’t associate with those who do it. You’ll be long gone for your weekend while they’re still telling stories.

4. Phone

Friday is a great day to stay off the phone. Instead of talking on the phone, go see people in person. For those who are remote workers, this may not be possible. But you can try other more personal ways to communicate such as Facetime or Skype. The extra effort always pays off in the relationships built. You can’t communicate at the same level when you can’t see someone.

5. Interruptions

One of the best ways to reclaim your Friday is to limit interruptions. Find a place to do uninterrupted work. Maybe it means reserving a meeting room or even going offsite. Of course, you should make sure your team know how to reach you for a true emergency before you “go silent” .
改造周五的最佳方法之一就是限制干扰。找一个地方进行不被干扰的工作。这可能意味着预订一间会议室,甚至走出你的办公场所。当然,在你“隐身沉默” 之前要跟团队打好招呼,让他们知道发生紧急情况的时候要去哪儿找你。


6. Unnecessary Paperwork

Keep Friday for the important work, such as the creative work that you can’t get large time blocks for during the week. Leave the unnecessary paperwork for later. Much of the paper-shuffling is unneeded in the big scheme of things.

7. Work Hours

I am a big proponent of the “results oriented work environment.” Get your work done and get out. There is no reason to expand your work to fit the time. In a ROWE, those who have been working hard all week can go home early. The rest can stay and finish their work. :)

Don’t let your Fridays fall prey to the chaotic end of the work week. With a little effort, Fridays can be the most productive day of the week.