Most of us wish we could linger in bed a little while longer, but getting out of it earlier means getting back into it sooner. Here are simple tips for making each morning good personally and professionally.

Prepare For the Morning the Night Before

Pretend you are in middle school: Pack your lunch, set out your clothes, organize your to-do list and email, put the keys, bus pass, and your purse in one place. When the alarm sounds you will be more likely to pop out of bed, shower, get dressed, and jump on the productivity train stress free.


Remember the Adages

The early bird does catch the worm. Try starting your day extra early — like 5 a.m. It can be a tremendous productivity booster and get you in good with the boss.

Take an AM Break

If you get anxious in the morning at the office take a break with a co-worker or friend. Grab coffee. Most importantly: Gab about your stress and brainstorm efficient fixes you can implement immediately.

Plan a Weekday AM Coffee Date With a Friend

Instead of filling your post work schedule with dinner dates, plan an early am coffee date with a friend. You will start the day sooner and waltz into the office caffeinated and cheery after a cheap friend date. You also won't be stressed all day thinking about how you are going to be late for dinner and can focus on work.