No matter what you do, doesn’t it seem like there are not enough hours in the day? That’s where I was a couple of years ago. I used to pull all-nighters, and was working 7 days a week to finish all my tasks. I simply had no time to spare.
无论你做什么,你是不是觉得每天的时间都不够用?几年前我也是这样。为了完成任务,有时我需要熬夜加班,一周工作七天 一点儿空余时间也没有。

The strategies which I learned along the way are what I hope to share with you today. Here are the 4 main things I do consistently to be more productive.

1. I Don’t Multitask

The greatest “executioner of my productivity” was that I had convinced myself that I was multitasking — and therefore was doing work faster.

Multitasking is not a real thing. What you are really doing when you are (apparently) multitasking is going back and forth between two separate tasks. So rather than giving 100% to one task at a time you are going back and forth between tasks, giving each task a monumentally less amount of focus. This simply means that you end up doing both tasks at less than 100% — and you gain a whole lot of stress and tension.

2. Break Things Down

Okay…so imagine a really large meatball. Got it? Good. According to animal instincts, the best way to eat it is to put the entire thing in your mouth and chew. Do that and you will be chewing and swallowing for the next 10 minutes.
好吧。想象一个真正的肉丸子。明白了吧?很好。按照动物的直觉,把肉丸吃掉的最好方法,是把它整个放到嘴里然后咀嚼。 要是这样的话,在接下来的10分钟里,你就会在那里一直咀嚼和吞咽。

Sensibly and productively speaking, the best and fastest way to eat the meatball is to cut it into smaller pieces so that you can take in as much as your mouth can handle, and swallow it in less than no time.

This same rule applies to life. You are only able to handle so much at one time. If you try to take on a task too big all at once, you will only get clogged up and slowed down. But if you break it down into more manageable pieces, you’ll find that you will be able to finish the task a lot faster.


3. Prioritize Your Tasks

You are craving a chocolate bar…or a client is waiting for your proposal. Which one is more important?

Unfortunately, thousands of people find themselves in similar situations every day. You have to learn to automatically prioritize things that are more important. This way rather than wasting energy and time, you will focus on these particular things and get them done faster. This will make you more stress-free and will greatly boost your productivity.
不幸的是,成千上万的人发现自己每天都有着这样相似的经历。你需要学着能不假思索地为更重要的事情设定优先级。 这样做不仅不会浪费精力和时间,而且会让你更加关注这些重要的事情,并能更快地做完。这样会减轻你的压力,并能大大提升效率。

4. No Distractions

Sometimes I wonder how much time people end up wasting by: checking email; checking their cellphones; idly chatting with their colleagues; surfing the web.

All of these things (among others) will make you very unproductive. So when it gets down to finally getting work done, turn off or remove all distractions. Just get rid of them.