AC Milan
the European Cup
Hi. I'm Adam with the news' headlines. It's Thursday,the 23rd of April. To start with, it's the fourth day of our inquiry. And today we'll talk about what makes you most afraid. We spoke to a thousand students from across the UK. And school violence came up top. On the other hand, one in five of you feel unsafe on the streets. Other top stories. Parents of schools in Glasgow are re-acting against the plans to shut down 25 primary schools and nurseries. This afternoon, some parents moved into the schools. Others gather on the roofs of the buildings. The city government says closing the schools will save £3 million. A final decision is expected later. Litter pickers in Manchester are taking the day off. It's part of a plan to encourage people to clean up after themselves and not to drop rubbish. The city government will still be collecting litter that's been put in public dustbins, though. In sport. Last night, Liverpool beat Barcelona 3-1. It will play AC Milan in the European Cup final, which is to be held in Moscow on May 28th.