Hello, Darling. I've just heard I have to go to Italy for a couple of days. I'm flying this evening. Oh, David. Do you really have to go? You know the Johnsons are coming around to see us tonight. Yes, I know. But I can't help it. They'll have to come some other time. Then we won't be able to go to the theatre tomorrow. No, I'm afraid we'll have to change all our plans. All right, David. When exactly are you leaving, then? I'm taking the 7:00 plane to Rome. Are you coming home before you go to the airport? I'm afraid I can't. I'm still having a talk with my boss here. What about your suitcase? I'm afraid you'll have to pack it for me. And who's fetching it for you? You'll bring it, Darling. Why me? Because you are coming with me. It's your birthday on Saturday. And this trip is my birthday present for you. I'll meet you at the airport, three quarters before the flight. Don't forget anything and don't be late. See you later, Darling.