Shall we go for a walk, Julie? Is it warm outside? No, you need a coat. Well, I think I'll stay at home, then. I'd like a coffee. What about you? Mm…me, too. And the kids will drink coke. But just ask for one bottle. They'll never finish about it for each. Orange juice is much better for them. I know, but they always refuse to drink it. Have you heard there's been a big fire in the old paper factory? Are you sure? There is nothing in the newspaper about it. I was there last night. Go and watch TV. There might be something about it. I can't believe this traffic. Well, it's rush hour. We'll never make it on time unless the match is delayed. Yes, we will. Don't worry about it. Alan, you're back. How was your vacation? Just don’t ask. I wish I had never had it. What went wrong? What didn't go wrong? That would be a better question.