John Williams
Hello, my name is John Williams. I am an English teacher, and I have started a website to help you improve English listening and speaking skills as quickly as possible. My online English lessons take just five to ten minutes each day to complete. And there are no advertisements to take your attention away. You can also download the sound files to your computer and access them and take your lessons again any time. I've designed the online English course to be a very easy, cheap and quick way to improve your English speaking, listening and conversation skills, and also to improve your listening scores in English exams. Everyday, you'll learn some new English vocabulary, idioms and phrasal verbs. And you will feel more confident in working and making friends in English. You also learn correct English pronunciation. I always make sure my online English lessons are short, interesting and easy to remember. My idea of learning English is that it is best for you to learn a little each day and remember it clearly. This idea doesn't mean a new method, but instead, it is a concept I hope you can accept. Whether you are taking other English classes or not, and no matter what method you use, it can help you to achieve your English-learning goals.