Hi, Wendy. Oh, Jonny. How are you doing? Busy? No, not at all. I've been a couch potato lately, killing time by watching TV. Oh, by the way, did you hear the news? No, what is it? They are going to turn the city square into an amusement park. Wonderful. I am glad, that big and ugly thing will be gone. You really are? In my opinion, the square is 100 times better than any amusement park. I don't see why. The square is a symbol of our city and is a nice place to have a walk for everybody. Well, I don't know if that huge and boring thing can be our symbol, but I know for sure the city has tens of parks where you can take a nice walk. I know what you mean, but don't you think that we will no longer have peace and quite once the amusement park opens? Does that matter? To me more importantly, the amusement park means employment. So what? Income. If you have income, you have money to spend, and in turn, it will create more jobs.